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Jane talks about how healthy and fun our Crunchy Rice snacks are and how it's a great snack for all ages.

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Upcoming Shows 2019

Winter Fancy Food Show (San Francisco, CA) : 1/13 - 1/15

UNFI South Atlantic Showcase (Orlando, FL) : 2/19 - 2/20

Natural Products Expo West (Anaheim, CA) : 3/7 - 3/9
UNFI Pacific Showcase (Long Beach, CA) : 5/8 - 5/9

Summer Fancy Food Show (New York, NY) : 6/23 - 6/25

Benefits of Seaweed Snacks

Known as a super food, Seaweed Snacks has so many reasons why you snack on it!
✔ Good for your bones: High source of calcium
✔ Good source of Iron and contains DV of Iodine
✔ Very low calories so snack on seaweed snacks instead of chips.

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