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Yubuchobap (Fried Tofu Rice Balls)

Have you heard of Yubuchobap? It’s a fried and marinated tofu pocket filled with seasoned rice and veggies. Yubuchobap is sweet, savory, and soft and by adding rice to it, it gives a meaty texture. It might sound weird, but I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

It’s so simple to make too, even easier with our instant rice. So if you have a picnic coming up or a potluck to go to, it’s such an easy recipe you can make.


- Jayone Tofu Pack (Seasoning packet included)

- Jayone Microwavable Instant Rice-Fresh Cooked White Rice

- Diced up canned tuna and veggies (Pepper, Carrots, Pickled Korean radish used for this recipe)


  1. Add cooked rice, seasoning packet, diced tuna and veggies in mixing bowl

  2. Mix thoroughly

  3. Make sure to squeeze any excess liquid out of the yubu(fried tofu pockets)

  4. Add 1 tbsp of mixed rice into tofu pocket

  5. Serve!

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