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Seaweed Hand Roll

I recently moved into my new apartment and have been hosting House Warming Parties. The most stressful part of it is what food to prepare. I wanted something presentable, but easy to put together. DIY Hand Rolls were the perfect choice.

Since it’s DIY, everyone gets to choose what ingredients they want to add in their wraps. It’s interactive so everyone is mingling and involved with the meal. It’s a great and easy way to host a party.


Sea’s Gift Sushi Nori

Jayone Instant Rice(White or 5 Grain)

Jayone Canned Kimchi

Canned Tuna

Vegetables(In this recipe we used the following)

Bell Pepper


Pickled Radish



This recipe is mostly just prepping the ingredients. Follow the directions below to prepare everything.

  1. Cut Sea’s Gift Sushi Nori into 4 pieces

  2. Microwave Jayone Instant Rice for 1 minute and 30 seconds

  3. Wash and Slice each vegetable into thin slices(shown in picture)

  4. Can of Tuna, drained

  5. Can of Kimchi

Once everything is prepped, you’re ready to make Seaweed Hand Rolls.

  1. Take a sheet of cut Sushi Nori

  2. Add rice and whatever veggies you want

  3. Wrap and eat!


*You can add imitation crab meat, sprouts, masago, or any other ingredients

*Dip in soy sauce with or without wasabi to add flavor to the Hand Roll

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