Bulgogi Bowl

Whether you want to meal prep, clean out your fridge cause veggies are starting to go bad, or just simply want an easy meal to make, try our Bulgogi Bowl.

All you need is 4 things for this dish: A ziplock, flap meat, Ajumma Republic BBQ Sauce, and Jayone Instant Rice. It’s just as easy to put together this dish too.

Instant Rice. It’s just as easy to put together this dish too.

  1. Cut up the meat to bite sizes and add to ziplock

  2. Add 2 tbsp for every 0.5 lbs of flap meat

  3. Close ziplock and marinate the meat.(Make sure you let every meat in the Ziploc get some sauce) Leave for 30 minutes or overnight for best results

  4. Move the marinated meat to the pan and cook on medium heat until meat is cooked to your liking

*You can add Sweet Potato noodles and chopped veggies(we used bell peppers, carrots, and onion for this recipe)

  1. Microwave Jayone Instant Rice and move to bowl

  2. Add cooked meat over rice

  3. You can add chopped chives and sesame seeds to top

Vegetarians! Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. We used Portobello mushrooms to replace the meat because it has a nice texture where it seems like you’re eating something meaty.

  1. Chop the Portobello mushrooms and whatever veggie you’re using

  2. Add chopped veggies and BBQ Sauce to a pan and cook on medium heat until brown

  3. Microwave Jayone Instant Rice

  4. Add cooked veggies over rice and serve

*Add chopped chives and sesame seeds on top

**Tip 1: You don’t have to marinate veggies overnight because they absorb the sauce when cooking

**Tip 2: Soak the potato noodle 30 min- 1 hr before using in cool water. Otherwise, it will take forever to cook

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