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Fruity Aloe Pops

They say it is record breaking temperatures all around the globe this summer. It’s to the point where I often can’t sleep without leaving the AC on at night.

So we thought we could share this cold and refreshing snack idea with you. Our Fruity Aloe Pops will get rid of the heat!

You can also try making our Aloe Pops with your kids as well. It’s so easy and tasty that even kids who don’t like eating fruits will probably eat these… Let’s begin!

  1. Chop up fruits. For this recipe we used kiwi, peaches, and strawberries (They were in season!) They can be of any size. You can chop them big like us or in small bits.

  2. Fill your popsicle molders with chopped fruit.

  3. Add your choice of our Jayone Aloe Drinks (Original, Pomegranate, Mango, Pineapple, or Coconut)

  4. Put in freezer overnight.

Once you take them out, you’ll also notice how beautiful they come out.

Try this recipe and share with us the pops you make. We’d love to see your Fruity Aloe Pops!

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