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Octopus Kimchi Porridge

Octopus Kimchi Porridge is one of our versions of comfort food. I remember when I was really sick and couldn’t keep any food down, my mom made porridge for me. So now, whenever I’m sick or someone close to me is sick, my go to solution is porridge. It’s easy on the stomach and with a little bit of soy sauce, it’s not too bland.

These days you can find porridge made with so many different ingredients. We wanted to make one that wasn’t too common: Octopus Kimchi Porridge.


● Kimchi(The more fermented the kimchi is, the better tasting the dish will be)

● Octopus(This will vary depending on how much octopus you want)

● Dried Anchovies(Remove the head and guts before cooking) 10 : 1 Dried Anchovies : 1 Bowl of Rice

● 1/2 Tbsp of minced garlic

● 2 Tbsp of Fish Sauce

● 2 Tbsp of Cooking Soy Sauce

● Chives

● Sesame Seeds

● (Optional) Seaweed Snack

How to cook:

  1. Dice the Kimchi and Octopus and store separately

  2. In a Wok pan put in 10 medium dried anchovies for every 1 bowl of cooked rice you’ll be adding. (Tip: Let cool once cooked to make the anchovies more crisp.)

  3. Add anchovies to mixer and grind until powder like

  4. Add rice and water into the mixer and grind with anchovy (Mix longer if you want a smooth texture, less if you want more texture to the porridge)

  5. Pour the mixed rice into pot and boil on medium to high heat

  6. Add the diced kimchi and minced garlic and boil until you can’t smell the anchovies

  7. Make sure to keep adding water while it boils and stir constantly so rice doesn’t burn

  8. Add Fish Sauce, Guk Gan Jang(Soup Soy Sauce for taste-amounts may vary according to how salty you want it)

  9. Add diced Octopus

  10. (Optional) You can add our Jayone Red Pepper Powder for a stronger color and spicier taste

  11. Move porridge to serving bowl and add chives and sesame seed for presentation and toppings

  12. (Optional) Adding cut seaweed to the dish will make another version of the dish

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