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Rice balls with Sea's Gift Sweet Seaweed

Parents only have so much time in a day to fit everything in their schedule. So it’s only natural they stress about what to pack for their child’s lunch every day. Our Joo-Muk-Bap is simple, quick, and not only perfect for lunches, it’s a fun dish you can take to potlucks to share with friends and family.

“Joo-Muk” means fist and “Bap” means rice in Korean. This dish got its name because it’s usually made in the size of your fists. But for this recipe, we made it into little bite size so it’s easier to eat.


- 1/2 of Sea’s Gift Sweet Seaweed

- 1 tbsp of Sesame Oil

- 1 tsp of Sesame Seeds

- (Optional) Canned Tuna or Canned Kimchi to add inside the Seaweed Rice Balls

- (Optional) You can also substitute the white instant rice with our 5 grain instant rice for a healthy alternative

How to Make:

  1. Heat Instant Rice for 1 minute and 30 seconds

  2. Add Sea’s Gift Sweet Seaweed, Sesame Oil, and Sesame Seeds

  3. Mix well together and roll up into bite size balls

  4. Roll the Rice Balls in the left over Sea’s Gift Sweet Seaweed Snack to cover the ball with sweet seaweed.

You can also substitute the white instant rice with Jayone 5 grain instant rice for a healthy alternative!

You can add any canned tuna or canned kimchi in the inside of the balls to add more flavor to these Seaweed Rice Balls. You would take some rice and flatten in out, add the tuna or kimchi inside. Add more rice on top and start molding into a ball shape with your hands.

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