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  • Is your seaweed Gluten free?

Yes. We are certified

  • Is your seaweed vegan?

Yes. Seaweed is naturally vegan.

  • How do you produce your seaweed?

Our seaweed is harvested in the west and southwest regions of South Korea.

  • Do you have USDA Organic Seaweed Snacks?

Yes we do!

  • How can it be organic?

The seaweed must be organic, the farm has to be certified as organic, and the package has to be inspected for the seaweed snacks to be certified.

  • What are the benefits of eating seaweed snacks?

Seaweed is one the healthiest foods on earth. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, and contains 100% DV of iodine. It is low in calories and is gluten free and vegan.

  • How should Sea’s Gift seaweed snacks be stored?

Store in cool, dry places and out of sunlight. Once opened, re-seal and store in the freezer.

  • Where is your seaweed grown?

South Korea

  • Are Jayone Rice Rolls safe for people to eat with food allergies?

Our facilities have been managed under the highest food safety program and we are confident that there will be no cross-contamination.

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