Roasted Corn Tea, aka Oksusu cha in Korean, is a traditional Korean tea which you can make with roasted kernels in a boiling water. You can put a spoonful of roasted corns in the boiling water kettle until the tea's color turns lightly yellow. Keep the tea cool to enjoy as a cooling beverage in Summer or drink the hot roasted corn tea as a great coffee substitute. It's good for digestion and intestinal health. Prepare 1/4 cup roasted corn and 5 cups of water. In a medium pot, bring roasted corn and water to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes until the color turns lightly yellow. Strain tea to remove corns. Serve hot, warm or cold as your favorite type.

Roasted Corn 3 LBS

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    Roasted Corn(USA,China,Korea)